Katie Killebrew

Katie Killebrew

Founder of Flow & Glow Spa.

Esthetician, yoga teacher, fitness coach, and a lifetime athlete. 



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Something About Me

National & World Champion Synchronized Swimmer 

In my most vivid childhood memories, wet hair usually played a starring role. It wasn’t that Katie was tress-obsessed. Rather, practically from the time she was a toddler the Los Gatos resident can remember few moments when she wasn’t on her way to, from or submerged in a swimming pool, water streaming from her strands. 

My Scoliosis, being told as a young child to sit on the sidelines due to Scoliosis and Asthma only put a fiery spark in my body! My movement roots began in the pool at age 6 synchronizing swimming. Katie’s athletic prowess led her to national and world titles in synchronized swimming. Katie completed her 300-hour training with Alchemy of yoga in Bali.

Skin Care Services
Women Men and Teens

Holistic skin care that uses the latest technology to firm and anti-age and destroy acne, specializes in the repair of damaged skin that lacks luster and hydration. Katie is a pro at treating acne and uses the latest high tech LED lights in all her treatments! Oxygen therapy, lymphatic drainage and hyperpigmentation series to get rid of the brown spots! Services that deliver results you can see and feel.

Katie is well versed in the latest and highest quality skincare products and treatments available. Katie’s niche is that she has developed her own line of products called Flow and Glow for plump, hydrated, glowing skin for all!

Flow & Glow Products

Another Holistic Skincare Approach 



Series of Glow Peels with LED Light Therapy

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Firm and tone the appearance of problem areas for a sleeker, more youthful-looking body.

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Neora’s Eye-V® Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches

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NeoraFit™ Weight Management & Wellness Set